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Round 2

Long Journey see's another defeat

In Ballinabrackey


Ballinabrackey 2-10 Drumconrath 1-7.
A 170km round trip to Ballinabrackey is hardly what the Doctor ordered after a heavy Round 1 defeat but that was the hand that Drumconrath were dealt and with 6 changes in personal from last week they were at least competitive and made the home side fight hard for the points on a really heavy barely playable pitch.
Drums started well with a point from the returned from Australia Graham Tighe and followed that soon after when Derek Duff added a second.
Ballinabrackey without Damien Carroll began to find their feet, not an easy task, and had the best of the next 15 minutes as they led 0-4 to 0-2. Their 1st goal on 22 minutes gave them a five point lead and while Duff narrowed the gap Bracks finished the half well and led 1-6 to 0-3 at the short whistle.
Drumconrath continued to battle on with Oran Finnegan in good form and Tomas Conlon in his 1st Junior A start also having a good outing but once again Stephan Crosby was their stand out player. 
The sides traded early 2nd half points with Leighton Irwin on target for the Drums but Ballinabrackey struck for a second goal and the task ahead of Drumconrath was suddenly very tough. Irwin did pull back a point but with 10 minutes to go the score stood at 2-9 to 0-5.
Irwin again and Eoin Martin pointed as Ballinabrackey replied with a point of their own and when substitute Aiden Tighe rattled the net on 60 minutes it was no more than a consultation score for the visitors but at least they show a bit of the spirit sadly lacking last week.
Drumconrath; Alan McEvoy; Oran Finnegan, Thomas Carolan, John Lynch; Jamie Myles, Peter Tighe, John McDermott; Stephan Crosby, Peter McEvoy; Tomas Conlon, Derek Duff (0-2), Graham Tighe (0-1); Eoin Martin (0-1), Leighton Irwin (0-3), Brendan Lyons.​ Subs; Damien Glass for Lynch, Aiden Tighe (1-0) for Peter Tighe and Colm McEvoy for Glass
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