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Round 1 JFC 2011

No Hopers Drumconrath put it up to the 'Wood in Meath Hill

Kilmainhamwood 1-8 Drumconrath 0-10

Drumconrath's progress continues as they put up a really spirited performance in cruelly losing in added time to favourites Kilmainhamwood. Two early missed frees came back to haunt them as they could never get ahead of their near neighbour's.

Sean Mulligan set the ball rolling for the team in white playing in their 1st ever Junior Championship match with a well taken score but an Alan Byrne pointed free leveled the game. The only goal of the game came on 7 minutes when veteran Aidan Crosbie seemed to nudge full back Thomas Carolan and he set Stephan Kiernan to rifle home.

Terry Skelly was dominating midfield and he scored a neat point and when John McDermott strode forward to add another to gap was 1 point. Crosbie and Andy Farrelly pointed to stretch K'wood's advantage but Blood sub Leighton Irwin pointed along with two Derek Duff frees levelled the game as Drumconrath went about their business in a decent fashion. A late Ray Magee point as he slipped for once the close attentions of Oran Finnegan gave the Wood a 1-4 to 0-6 halt time lead.

Drums started well with Skelly again to the fore and he levelled the game 4 minutes into the half but Sean Kane came to Drumconrath's rescue with a point blank save almost immediately at the other end. Stephan Kiernan from a free put the Wood ahead but Derek Duff equalised after the referee 1st signalled a penalty but the foul had occurred outside the area and he rightly changed his mind.

The Wood pushed for home and Drumconrath wide tally increased as 1st David Russell and then Magee left 2 between the sides with 8 minutes remaining. Indeed Drumconrath's 10 wide's over the hour compared very poorly to Kilmainhamwood's merger amount of just 3.

Drums best goal chance came on 56 minutes when a Jamie Myles pile driven some how managed the hit the post some 3 metres above the crossbar when it looked easier to hit the net. Myles, Derek Duff and Brendan Lyons where proving a handful and Duff hit two great over the shoulder points to level the game as the 60 minute mark passed.Some 5 minutes of added time then ensued as Drumconrath again spurned chances and Sub Leighton Irwin received a 2nd Yellow for a clumsy tackle.

Two Drumconrath players collided when it looked like a promising attack was about to develop Kilmainhamwood picked the scraps and centre back Francie Owens popped over the winner. Drums had time for one last attack which resulted in a long distance but Duff effort trailed wide and Kilmainhamwood survived but only just.

Terry Skelly again was a driving force behind all good things Drumconrath did and he got good support from Oran Finnegan, Stephan Crosby, Chris Tighe, Derek Duff and Brendan Lyons.

Drumconrath: Sean Kane, Alan McEvoy, Thomas Carolan, Oran Finnegan; Peter Tighe, Stephan Crosby, John McDermott (0-1); Terry Skelly (0-2), Christopher Tighe; Alan Byrne (0-1), Jamie Myles, Brendan Lyons; Derek Duff (0-5), Niall Martin, Wesley Byrne. Subs; Leighton Irwin (0-1) for A. Byrne, Padraig McMahon for C.Tighe.

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