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The Early Years - 1900 - 1920's

At the turn of the Century Drumconrath Brian Borus continued to be a strong Football team and were particulary impressive in the SFC of 1904. On May 29th 1904, The Brian Borus met Navan Emmets in the 1st Round of the Meath SFC in Castletown. The 2nd game on the Card was Meath Hill v Randlestown. The Navan side were no match for the Drumconrath men. Final score:

Drumconrath Brian Borus 2-18 Navan Emmets 0-0.

The report says that Watters was the strong man of the Borus and got good support from Thomas Englishby, P Carolan, P Traynor and Doogan. Drumconrath lined out as follows:

J Gaffney (captain); L Traynor, P Traynor, T Halpin, T Carolan, P Carolan, T Englishby, B Englishby, J Martin, J Maguire, P McConnell, J Cunningham, J Doogan, F Waters, J Brady, M Sillery.

Meath Hill were also successful that day winning 0-5 to 0-1.

Drumconrath played Oldcastle Harps in round 2. The Meath Chronicle previewed the game saying; “The long list of names that have gone under to the famous Drumconrath combination includes some of the best sides in the County Meath and this speakes amply for the abilities of the Borus and in their attempt tomorrow the Harps will have to playwith all their might if they want to be among the very few who have lowered the Drumconrath colours”.

On the 16th of July the Chronicle reports on the game as follows; “The Oldcastle Harps arrived by train to Navan at 9am, some 5 hours later the Brian Borus arrived on Brake cars and vechiles of all descriptions accompanied by a respectable contingent of followers”judgeing by the report it was a tough match and some of the report goes as follows;- "The Knight of the Whistle- the referee did not seem to be more than a spectator of the match. Some of the most glaring fouls passed unnoticed; in fact the Borus mottoseemed to be if you cannot kick the ball, kick the man, and in this they succeeded delightfully, with no less than 14 members being maimed during the hour”. Strong words indeed but in the next weeks edition the writer was taken to task by a reader and accused of being too harsh on the Brian Borus !! After a tense game the Final score was:

Drumconrath Brian Borus 0-7 Oldcastle Harps 0-5

However Oldcastle lodged an objection to the Meath County Board on the following grounds:

  1. The Drumconrath team was illegally constituted and included several Meath Hill players
  2. The referee was incompetent

You would be fairly sure that No 1 would not happen today but No.2 is still a bone of contention even to this day !! Any way a replay was ordered and this took place in Kells, with a different Referee, even though the Drumconrath Couty Board Delegate Mr T Craven objected to the decision the Borus took to the field in Kells on 21st August and the result this time was a draw;

Drumconrath Brian Borus 0-5 Oldcastle Harps 0-5

It was noted that The Harps equalised with the last kick of the game. Daly played a dashing game for the Borus and was well assisted by Traynor, Magiure and Halpin.

Drumconrath Brian Borus lineout; J Gaffney (capt); L Traynor (goal), P Halpin, P Englishby, P McKenna, J Maguie, T Halpin, J Saul, J Cunningham, F Waters, J Martin, M Geraghty, M Sillery, P Traynor, T Englishby, P Murphy, J Doogan.

It is noticed that by 1904 teams now were 17 aside.

The 2nd replay was fixed for Sunday 25th September in Kells and aroused great interest in the County. The Meath Chronicle again reports that the Brian Borus were accompanied by the Drumconrath Fife & Rell Band whose excellent music and neat uniform created a ery favourable impression as the marched through the town. (there must have been some athmoshere and crack).

The game was played at a fast pace and Oldcastle dominated the 1st moiety and led 1-1 to 0-0 at half time. Not to be out done Drumconrath played a spirited 2nd half with Waters scoring a goal and Carolan getting a late equaliser with minutes to go. Final score:

Drumconrath Brian Borus 1-3 Oldcastle Harps 1-3.

No further reports can be found but it appears that Drumconrath were awarded the match (maybe the band had something to do with it !!) as on the 6th of November 1904 they took on the mighty Castletown in Round 3. The game was played at Gormanlough and Castletown were a strong team having won the Championship in 1902. It was a tough, close affair but after 10 minutes, Peter Halpin of Drumconrath got his leg broken in a clash with Mulvanny and the Referee called off the match. It was played again on 18th December again in Gormanlogh. It appears the game wasstarted an hour late and some of the Castletown players mentioned were the Grat Joe Curran, Wiilie Farrelly, Mick Cudden, Cassidy, Glackin and Grimes. The Drumconrath Fife & Reel band again accompanied the team and was conducted by Mr Callan(no doubt getting practice in for Christmas). The game was close and the half time score was Castletown 0-5 Drumconrath 1-1. Drumconrath applied a lot of pressure in the 2nd half but Castletown held out. Final score:

Castletown 0-9 Drumconrath Brian Borus 1-2

It is noted Castletown went on to win the Meath SFC that year and indeed again in 1905 & 1906 to complete a 3 in a row. One can only speculate on what might have been, had the Borus defeated Castletown that day in Gormanlough. In 1905 THE Drumconrath Brian Borus were defeated in Round 1 of the Meath Senior Football Championship, but they continued to be a strong force in Meath Football but had to take second place to teams like Castletown, Bohermeen and Rathkenny who were the top teams from 1900 to 1920.

In the 1920’s the Borus dropped back to Junior level and it was not long until they wrote a historic page of history in Club awards in 1928.

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